Evolving representation of an object through time. Trash-time pursues to highlight the growing and defining personality of the object. All of them connected to a urban landscape, a moving city.

The streets, the walls, the lights, the silence, the life, the development, the history, the composition, the communication, the evolution… and everything else that the city throws away through furious production; all of these components represent a vision of a social history within a system based on consumerism. Using photography, digital media and illustration as tools of a creative Diogenes syndrome; offers a closer contact on the trash represented in art.

The creator:

I work as a photographer at the moment. I am also involved in projects as a graphic designer, both in digital and freehand drawing mixed media. I have experience in lighting design and basic knowledge on editing and as a camera operator.

My dream would be to develop my career by enhancing my skills with digital media. I would love to give my projects an animated identity and manipulate the fantasies that go much further than the real World. I do not feel any limits using different mediums; in fact, I Intend to mix 2D and 3D animation, illustration, photography and video. Basically, I want to expand my knowledge and express myself artistically.

I am passionate about this creative environment and interested in focusing my career as a video editor and music-video producer. I am currently undertaking a course to gain the knowledge I need to achieve my goals in video art and I am also happy to embark in projects relating to video (Film nights, music and animation shorts, art exhibitions and events).